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Rwandan youth living abroad urged to be good ambassadors.

The 5th “ITORERO” for Rwandan youth living abroad at Gako Military Academy in Bugesera District, officially closed this Saturday, 11th August, 2012. Participants at this Itorero named “INDANGAMIRWA” were urged to promote self-dignity and that of their Mother-land in different countries they came from.

Addressing to this youth living abroad, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Louise MUSHIKIWABO stressed that this annual event aims to acquaint the youth living abroad with the country’s achievements in terms of development and the way-forward in the path of economic development. On the other hand, this annual event brings together Rwanda community living abroad and those in its closed borders to promote solidarity and exchange ideas on matters that shape the future of this country.


Minister Mushikiwabo urged the youth who participated in Itorero ry’igihugu to preserve Rwandan culture and values while in different countries they work, live, or study from, as well as laying a hand in the development of their country through proper application of the knowledge and skills that they acquired while abroad.
“What we have admired from these Indangamirwa is that they have the will and the love of country. To advocate for a country, it comes, most of the time, from yourself, from your behavior.  Abroad where they study or live, their way of living should be a demonstration of culture, behavior and zeal which are common to Rwandans”. Said Minister Mushikiwabo.

Minister MUSHIKIWABO also talked about the insecurity issue in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the International Community behavior in that issue. She said that Rwanda never support the rebel group of M23.


Some of the participants of this 5th Itorero session said that after completing this civic training called Itorero, they now got a clear picture of their country and vowed to spread it to the rest of the world.
281 Rwandans Youth living in 19 countries all over the World have attended this “ITORERO” where they spent two weeks.

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