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Rwanda's response to GoE addendum - 10 Key factual elements that are disproven

1. Claims of training at Kanombe absurd In paragraph 31(a) of the addendum, the GoE cites allegations of a two-week training provided to a RDF unit in Kanombe barracks located near Kigali International Airport, before deploying it to Runyoni as Gen. Ntaganda’s advance party. Regardless of the irrational suggestion that General Ntaganda, one of the most senior FARDC Commander in the region, would require RDF support in order to establish his advance party to Runyoni, it is common (and verifiable) knowledge that Kanombe is a garrison-type barracks that comprises living quarters; a referral military hospital also open to civilian patients; a cemetery; and five service support units’ headquarters and related facilities. It wouldn’t require any form of expertise to find out that this barracks cannot host the training of recruits or any other force preparation activity. A simple tour of Kanombe barracks would have led the GoE to easily discard this allegation wherever they got it from.

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Main Reasons for increasing remittances in Rwanda (1 points)
Increased economic hardship
Increased brain drain
Confidence government policies
Stable exchange rate and price
All of the above



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