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Rwanda’s Foreign Minister says the report of UN Group of Expert is made of fabricated lies

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Government Spokesperson Louise Mushikiwabo told journalists the UN Group of Expert report on DRC is made of fabricated lies. It was in a press conference to brief the media on the rebuttal Rwanda presented to the UN Security Council reacting on that report. Minister Mushikiwabo said that the report of Group of Experts is full of false allegations.

“Rwanda presented its rebuttal to the addendum to the Security Council. It is comprehensive and detailed, and we addressed each allegation line by line, point by point” she added
Giving an example of allegation that Rwanda provided ammunitions to M23, Minister Mushikiwabo said this allegation is not true because bullets showed in photo presented in the report of Group of Expert are not used by Rwanda Defence Forces.
“We no longer possess the weapons whose photos are in the UN Group of Expert .We destroyed them in 2008 and one of the experts was a witness”
Minister Mushikiwabo added that there are no M23 members trained by Rwanda from Kanombe Military Camp as claimed by Group of Expert. Kanombe military barracks houses residences, hospital and cemetery and cannot technically used as a military training.
Rwanda presented its rebuttal to the addendum to the Security Council; the final report will be released in November.

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