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Diaspora youth to convene in London

Rwandan Diaspora youth living in Europe will from July 17 – 22 convene at St Edmund, Suffolk in London, United Kingdom, to discuss the challenges and share experiences on the country’s development.   This is the second national youth camp (Itorero Ry’Igihugu). The first took place last year in Belgium and was attended by over 100 youth from across Europe. 


The chairman of the Rwanda Community Association (RCA) in the United Kingdom, Ignatius Mugabo, said the camp will be attended by many youth from different countries.

“Momentum is really building up;we are beginning to get concerned about the limits we put on attendees as many young people are gearing up to attend Itorero, with many registering for this five-day camp”, mugabo said.

“Many families have also taken advantage of our family discount on the registration which expires soon. We are receiving requests from parents and young people from all over Europe keen on attending the events.  It is a family weekend out, but this time with even a wider family.”

Itorero ry'Igihugu is a national initiative introduced to promote values of unity, truth, culture of hard work while avoiding attitudes and mindsets that deter development, all aimed at speeding up the attainment of Vision 2020, MDGS and Rwanda's five year strategy - the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS).

During the five days, participants are also expected to share their personal and social experiences via games and sports such as football, basketball and golf to promote socialisation and networking through unity.

Immediately after the conclusion of the youth camp, the Rwanda Diaspora Convention Europe 2011 (RDCE) will open in the same place where different Rwandans in Europe are expected to exchange experiences on the investment opportunities in the coutnry.

Edward Musonera, 24, welcomed the youth camp saying that it would be prudent for the event to be organised in different continents.

“It’s always good to meet and have a common understanding on the development of our country as younger Rwandans. It helps us to know where we have reached as a country and reflect on what we are supposed to do to achieve our goals.”

“It would be good for such meetings to be held in all countries where Rwandans reside so that they can participate in the development of their country,” he said.

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