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In the afternoon of March 2nd, the Rwandair flight WB103 landed on Kigali International Airport from Dar-Es-Salaam with 23 Rwandans evacuated from Libya accompanied by the Honorary Consul for Rwanda in Istanbul, Mr. INANC CIFTICI.

On behalf of the Government of Rwanda, Mr. KABAKEZA Joseph the Director General of Diaspora accompanied by the president of Diaspora global network welcomed the team and stressed that all Goverment authorities had been worrying much about their lives and had tried different ways to get them safe. “You have been evacuated through Turkey but that was not the single way we tried and you noticed it was not an easy operation at all” KABAKEZA said.



Talking to the press, the Director General of Diaspora said: “Following serious and killing disturbances in Libya, the government of Rwanda decided and managed to evacuate the Rwandan nationals who lived in Tripoli. This is the result of a successful operation which took place in the early morning of February 26, 2011 where these 23 Rwandans left Libya for Turkey, a country to which we owe special thanks and gratitude for help and support accorded to these Rwandans under difficult circumstances. As I mentioned early, it was not an easy operation since it took a long time mainly due to the lack of operational communication channels and other related issues but we had to protect and save the life of our people.”

Samuel MUHAYIMANA, the representative of the evacuees said “We had no security, our lives were too risky and we didn’t imagine we can be save or be back to our motherland. The situation is really terrible and none outside Libya can believe what we survive, we seemed dreaming when we got a heartwarming phone call from MINAFFET encouraging all Rwandans in Libya and ensuring that the Government authorities were not resting due to our safety. It was a big and surprising effort to all of us and showed us what Rwandans’ lives and welfare means the Government of Rwanda.

Ending the welcoming ceremony, Mr. KABAKEZA said “Rwanda is also very grateful to  the Honorary Consul for Rwanda in Istanbul, Mr. INANC CIFTICI here present, for his own support and help to make this operation successful”.

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