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Rwanda prosecution revealed the sources of grenades attacks

Monday 28th February 2011, 29 men accused of being behind the series of grenade attacks around the country were, arraigned before the Nyarugenge Intermediate Court to defend their application for bail.

A big part of the suspected group divulged their  direct involvement in executing the attacks and disturbances, and other claimed to have prior knowledge of the attacks, but weren’t directly involved in the execution.


“The Rwanda Prosecution is requesting provisional detention of all the 29 suspects on the basis that they are accused of recruiting and belonging to a terrorist group, planning and executing activities aimed at causing state insecurity and mass murder,” said Prosecutor Emmanuel Nsengiyumva.

 “We request that the accused be remanded based on the gravity of the crimes, and the fact that the accused have no known physical addresses, they can also imperil investigations or continue their terrorist acts.” Nsengiyumva told court.

Following the accused claims, the group members may be put in 3 main categories, those who claimed to have exploded grenades in various parts of the country, especially in Kigali, others had been transporting or storing the grenades and other volatiles used in the terror attacks and  that made all pleaded guilty.

The prosecution revealed that the network of the people behind the grenade attacks are based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and acted in militia with Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), High Command but some of them were arrested in Burundi. 

Before the court,  Jean Berchmans Mukeshimana, one of the suspects, told that he led a large gang of operatives and equipped them with grenades while Fazil Kanyarugunda and Gaetan Musafiri  were behind the series of grenade attacks in the Southern Province and Frodouard Rwandango admitted have detonated the grenades that blew up, last year, at Gisozi Memorial center, Chez Venant and Muhima.   

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