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Since 6 to 11 February 2011,  Dakar hosted the 11th edition of the WSF (World Social Forum), the largest gathering of anti- globalization movements. The first forum of this kind was held in Brazil in 2001 and organized at the same time with the World Economic Forum in Davos, marking the birth of the global justice movement.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of leaders and activists, representing various organizations from different parts of the world are accustomed to meet annually to participate in building a world of peace, justice, ethics and free from imperialist, patriarchal, colonial and neo-colonial domination and imbalanced commercial systems.


This year since the first communication campaigns on the FMS 2011, the Board of the Rwandan Community Association in Senegal has been attracted by the theme of the  forum "Another world is possible" and took this opportunity as a global window to show the new image of their face of our beloved motherland, Rwanda. “The Rwandan Community in Senegal attended the forum and had a booth run and entertained by Rwandans themselves and we are so proud with the outcomes of the forum. Our stand was among the first most visited and money people from around the world was so curious to know much about Rwanda itself, more about our culture and they enjoyed much our handicrafts, our traditional dance and our agricultural products” said  Dr. Philonilla UWAMARIYA Thiam.  



The main of aim of the participation of our community to this exhibition was to highlight the richness of Rwandan culture and show how through the crops of tea and coffee from our hills and by our farmers, we could contribute to the creation of a democratized , sustainable and inclusive economy through a fair and appropriate trade.

“Our participation in World Social Forum 2011 has been enhanced by traditional dances  performance by Rwandan community members  
during the cultural evening on February 08,2011 and both organizers and public was so impressed and excited by our dance and made us to find out that Rwanda has many things and talents to share with oher comminities” Philonilla continues. 

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