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Living outside Rwanda but so attached to Rwanda


Following a long lasting request from the Rwandan Diaspora members in India, about 500 Rwandan students in India  are participating in a five day “Itorero”  that will be full of merry making, fun, exciting and educative dialogue involving a wide range of topics mostly on Rwanda.


Apart from Isonga, this special program is the second ITORERO  organised outside Rwanda and it is taking place in South India and since February 8 to February 12, 2010. 

 Presided over by Dr. HABYARIMANA Jean Baptiste, Executive Secretary of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, accompanied by  NKURANGA Alphonse - Executive Secretary of National Youth Council and in close collaboration with the Rwanda High commission in India, this 5 days session will be an opportunity to provide the participants with a strong node to their motherland’s culture and values. We can hereby underline that this itorero falls in line of  the Government programme of enhance Unity and reconciliation  and  enrich patriotism among Diaspora members, especially youth, building on the historical and positive values of our culture. 





The agenda of the current civic education, will concentrate on Comprehensive awareness of opportunities and achievements realized by youth in the past 16 years, increase not only the role of youth in Rwanda's sustainable development and leadership skills but also the knowledge of youth on civic participation and self esteem, enhance culture of performance contracts (Imihigo y'Intore) to improve service delivery, quality of work and consequently the living conditions of Rwanda.


By the end to the itorero, the participants are expected to be well equipped and understanding different government policies, strategies and their role as youth in translating these polices into reality.

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Increased economic hardship
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Confidence government policies
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