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BRALIRWA supports ‘Bye Bye Nyakatsi’ project

On Friday January 28, 2011 the Rwanda beverage manufacturer (BRALIRWA) handed over Rwf21m to the Rwanda Diaspora Global Network (RDGN) to support the Bye Bye Nyakatsi project aiming to eradicate grass thatched house in Bugesera, the  project initiated by Rwandans living in the Diaspora


The agreement has been signed by the Managing Director of BRALIRWA, Sven Piederiet, the representatives  of RDGN and  Robert Masozera, the Director General of Diaspora in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As for Piederiet, the contribution to the project is a part of BRALIRWA Corporate Social Responsibility and the support of  government policy to eradicate Nyakatsi in Rwanda.

 “In that context, we have decided to support  Diaspora Bye Bye Nyakatsi  project. We receive many requests for sponsorship, many requests for support; but once we received this proposal, we didn’t hesitate since it is a bright and valuable project,” he said.

He noted that the overall objective - to construct 504 modern low-cost houses for underprivileged families in Bugesera -  is worth supporting, adding that the Rwandan Diaspora has continued to impress in its initiatives to develop the country, which compelled the company to support the latest initiative.

“The project itself is of high importance and highly creative. I believe, today, there is no better project in the same sense that exists and I believe Bugesera District, which is still largely underdeveloped, was the right choice for the location of the project,” he added.

Piederiet said that BRALIRWA is committed to continue supporting government programmes aimed at improving lives and will continue supporting those involved in such efforts. BRALIRWA also contributed Rwf21m to the One Dollar Campaign.

Masozera applauded BRALIRWA for the contribution saying that it should be an example to others  and mentioned that all private and public institutions  such as Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), the Ombudsman’s Office, RECO-RWASCO and CMAC are planning  to contribute to the success of the project.

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Bye Bye Nyakatsi


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