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Rwanda and China Strengthen Ties with New Agreement

The governments of Rwanda and the Republic of China signed an economic and technical cooperation agreement on 24th December 2010 to further strengthen development in Rwanda. The agreement was signed at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Kigali, Rwanda was represented by the Permanent Secretary in the Foreign affairs ministry Amb. Eugene Munyakayanza and Li Yigang represented the Chinese embassy as Charge d’affaires.


The agreement is in excess of 40m RMB ($6m) and will be used on projects that will be decided upon in due course. The funds will be provided by the China Development Bank after further consultations between the two governments. Speaking on behalf of Rwanda, Amb. Munyakayanza  thanked the Chinese government for their continued support.


“It gives me great pleasure to announce this agreement. It is all part of the highly appreciated support we receive from China, it has been unconditional and focused on many sectors from infrastructure to agriculture. This will have benefits for all people in Rwanda, and I pledge that these projects will be implemented straight away.” Amb Munyakayanza said.


The Chinese Charge d’affaires Li Yigang, was representing the new ambassador who shall arrive in the New year and he also reiterated the strong bond between the two nations. “It gives me great pleasure and honour to sign this agreement, it is a small Christmas gift to the people of Rwanda. Our countries not only enjoy economic ties but we also cooperate on international forums. Rwanda’s support has been helpful in international organs and we hope for continued cooperation in the future.”  Mr. Li said.


China is increasing development assistance to Rwanda, the assistance is often given directly to projects agreed on by both governments. The fact that the assistance involves skills transfer and technical support makes it hard to quantify the total sum of assistance but it is thought to be hundreds of millions of dollars. Rwanda has been looking eastwards for development partners and China is a strong ally of Rwanda and is becoming one of the largest investors in Rwanda.

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