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Permanent Secretary Receives Delegation from Kenyan National Defence College

On Monday December 7, Amb. Eugène MUNYAKAYANZA, the Permanent Secretary, received sixteen students from Kenya National Defence College and faculty members at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The delegationwas led by Maj. Gen. Antony M. Rob, and included members from Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan and Tanzania.



The delegation came to Rwanda on a regional study tour as part of coursework aimed at learning about country policies and strategies governing their regional and international   cooperation for peace, security and stability..

To this end, Amb. Eugène MUNYAKAYANZA provided essential information on objectives and principles of   Rwanda’s Foreign Policy on one hand, and its two pillars aimed at fostering the attainment of those objectives on the other hand. The presentation also focused on regional stability, particularly with the neighboring DRC. The delegation was interested in knowing how Rwanda contributes to the peace development process; the principle of universal jurisdiction was also raised during the discussions. Amb. Eugène MUNYAKAYANZA told the delegation that Rwanda respectful of international law, but that there have been some abuses of the principle by European judges in issuing international arrest warrants against Rwandan officials.

The delegation expressed the wish to be enlightened on Rwanda is benefiting from its membership to the Commonwealth.  Amb. Eugène MUNYAKAYANZA explained that Rwanda was especially interested in knowledge sharing between Commonwealth countries, and hopes to contribute with its own experience, including the Gacaca National Service and the successes achieved in the areas of unity and reconciliation.

In his remarks, the head of the visiting delegation, Maj. Gen. Antony M. Rob, thanked the Ministry for the warm welcome and appreciated the substance of the presentation and the fruitful discussion thereafter, and called for a strengthened African unity and collaboration in bringing peace happen.

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