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BRALIRWA shares on sale


Brasseries et Limonarderies du Rwanda (BRALIRWA Ltd) is a public company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Rwanda.  The company is engaged in the production, sale and distribution of beer and sparkling beverages.  



 BRALIRWA has a 94% market share in industrial beers and 99% market share in the sparkling beverages industry.  The Company has been in existence for over 50 years and is one of the largest companies in Rwanda. In 2009, the Company was the largest tax payer contributing approximately 12 % of the Government of Rwanda’s domestic revenue.


BRALIRWA is 75% owned by the Heineken Group and 25% owned by the Government of Rwanda. 

As part of the Government of Rwanda’s privatization/divestiture programme of reducing its direct role in some of the public entities and increasingly promoting private investors’ participation and also developing its capital markets industry, the Government of Rwanda is now selling 25% of its issued and paid up share capital comprising of 128,570,000 ordinary shares in BRALIRWA through an Offer for Sale and listing of the Company’s shares on the Rwanda Stock Exchange. 


The Offer for Sale is open to all categories of Investors, both local and foreign.  Prospective investors should familiarize themselves with the eligibility requirements in the prospectus before investing.  The offer for Sale will run for a 4 week period from 23 November 2010 to 17 December 2010.


In order to participate in this offer, investors will be required to open up Central Securities Depository (CSD) accounts as BRALRWA shares are immobilized. CSD accounts are electronic accounts onto which your shares will be deposited.


For more information or to apply for BRALIRWA shares, contact any of the Authorised Selling Agents (ASAs) listed below and on the back page (page 147) of the Prospectus.


 Click here to download:



Application form 

Application procedures

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