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Rwandan Diaspora Experts to reinforce Rwandan Institutions through Volunteering programme.

Since August 2009 , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Diaspora General Directorate launched a Diaspora voluntary project which will help both private and public institutions in Rwanda to fortify the capacity of their human resources.


This project has been developed in close partnership with VSO-Rwanda with the aim of encouraging skilled Rwandan Diaspora members worldwide to volunteer in Rwanda both for short term and long term to support national institutions.

From the beginning of October 2010, the first volunteer from Rwandan Diaspora community in Canada, Mrs. Odette KAMANZI arrived in Rwanda for 3 months to draw up a project proposal on technical Vocational Training, as pilot project, where Diaspora volunteers will be coming to work on in the near future.

 For the successful of the project apart from Diaspora members, its implementation will totally involve Directorate General of the Diaspora, Work force Development Authority (WDA) for the pilot project, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and other different national institutions for the other phases of the volunteering project.


The pilot project of the Diaspora voluntary project will start with Rwandan Diaspora members from Canada and expects to extend its operating to other areas of the world hosting  Rwandan Diaspora.

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