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Diaspora urges U.S to act on fugitives

Members of the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network, Tuesday November 9, 2010 took streets of Washington DC to call for the United States administration to bring to justice perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

 The protesters gathered in front of the White House and later marched to the State Department to express their anger to the US administration for its inaction in terms of bringing to justice perpetrators of the genocide.

They argue that, although the 1994 genocide claimed lives of almost one million innocent civilians, most of those who committed the crime are still roaming free in the United States, Europe and other parts of Africa. “We therefore call upon the Government of United States to show leadership by cooperating with Rwanda and the ICTR in bringing these criminals to justice,” said the protesters.  “We strongly urge the United States Government to investigate and eventually bring to justice all those financing terrorist groups, including FDLR”.

According to the statement, the Diaspora understands that the United States has been working with countries in the region with the objective of dismantling FDLR although the efforts have not been fruitful.

“Hence we trust that it is only when their financiers and political leaders are stopped, that we shall see peace in the Great Lakes Region. Stop FDLR and its collaborators.”

Last month, Rwanda provided the US Government with evidence proving that Paul RUSESABAGINA had been implicated in supporting FDLR, a terrorist rebel group operating in D.RC.

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