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Rwandan Diaspora improving families' lives in Rwanda

On Friday October 29,2010 at Ndera Primary School delegates from Diaspora General Directorate and Rwanda Diaspora Global Network handed, on behalf of Austria-Rwanda Society,  different school materials to 51 vulnerable  students attending the school.


 The Austria-Rwanda Society support comes following the cooperation agreement introduced in May 2010 during the visit of the society members in Rwanda where they met different institution officials for consultation meeting about the lead of their cooperation areas with such institutions.




During the event, the students were so delighted to find such unexpected support from the society for their studies’ fore way and said that such kind of support gives them a special courage to work hard trying their best to be excellent in all school activities and it insures them shows that there’s still hope for their bright future. As they said even a single coin can be meaningful since it shows that there is Rwandese and well-doers caring about vulnerable people.



Thanking the Austria-Rwanda Society and its all members, Diaspora General Directorate, Rwanda Diaspora Global Network, the school representatives and the Vice President of Parents committee said that to support someone does not require many things but the willing to do it. This compiling all our efforts Rwandans can change families’ lives and increase the hope of future for Rwandan children.


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Increased economic hardship
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Confidence government policies
Stable exchange rate and price
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