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Rwanda, DRC defense ministers meeting in Kigali


 Since Monday October 1, 2010 top Congolese defense officials are in Kigali for their meeting with their Rwandan counterparts to exchange intelligence and information on common security threats as well as design concrete strategies and plans to deal with the FDLR and other rebel groups for a stable, peaceful and prosperous region.



“The FDLR/FOCA and other armed groups operating in the DRC continue to pose a serious security threat to our two countries and the region. These negative forces are also busy forming alliances with other armed groups and criminal elements and there is need to effectively neutralize FDLR/FOCA, various allied armed groups and other criminal elements” said Gen. Kabarebe.


The two countries’ defense ministers: Rwanda’s Gen. James KABAREBE and DRC’s Charles MWANDO NSIMBA, revealed that the meeting is expected to come up with concrete actions and strategic guidance on the way forward.


On the part of DRC, the Defense minister said the meeting, a follow up on previous sessions, will evaluate the security situation “on the level of our two countries” and noted that his country’s army (FARDC) continues with “actions of cleaning up and neutralizing” FDLR pockets in his country’s eastern region.

“We now have to leave work to our two defense chiefs here present, the Generals and the senior officers, to try to design a strategy which can eradicate these armed negative forces,” said MWANDO.

The two ministers dismissed the notion that the two countries could be planning another joint military operation to hunt the rebels, in eastern DRC. Mwando said the remaining FDLR are simply small elements but who have a capacity for nuisance and hence the need for more strategies and  Gen. Kabarebe , went on  saying that the rebels’ strength has been reduced by nearly 90 percent, and that if the two countries continue cooperating as they are doing, the rest will be totally eradicated.

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