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Spread Rwanda’s good news, Mushikiwabo urges Diaspora


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Louise Mushikiwabo, has urged the Rwandan Diaspora to have pride in their country and speak out on the development achieved.

Mushikiwabo made the remarks in Washington DC, USA, during a party to celebrate President Paul Kagame’s victory in the recent Presidential elections.


“Let us carry the integrity of our country, have pride and continue to spread the good news about what’s happening in Rwanda,” Mushikiwabo said.

She also encouraged members of the Diaspora to come home and observe firsthand, the remarkable progress the country has registered. 

“You are a reflection of your country while you’re here, so you have to speak the truth about Rwanda and continue to advocate for her positive image”.

She told the community not to be scared of what they see portrayed in some foreign media outlets, and said that it is not the true picture of the current state of affairs in the country.

Over 200 members of the Rwandan Diaspora Community in Washington DC attended the ceremony. The celebrations dubbed Intsinzi 2010, were also graced by Rwanda’s Ambassador to the United States of America, James Kimonyo.

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