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23 Rwandans attended the Beijing Institute of Technology 70th anniversary

Beijing Institute of Technology (B.I.T) is a university based in Beijing; the capital city of China with 23 Rwandan students, last Saturday 25th September 2010 celebrated 70 years of existence since it was opened in 1940 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), just 9 years before it took power.



 B.I.T was the first school to be built by the CCP under Mao Zedong which greatly gives it enormous pride all over China that is under the Communist style of leadership.  The university has over 52,922 students with about 23 Rwandan students who arrived in February 2007 for different courses such as Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.


This university is among the best universities in China in the Technology field of study and Engineering which has gained a great reputation from the government of China in as far as designing the country’s way forward. It has a reputation of spearheading the domain of Automatic control, Aerospace and building of tanks and guns that are used by the Chinese military. The university thus has a vision of becoming the number one technology university in Asia.

Rwandan students have continuously been at the helm of exemplary conduct and hard work among the foreign legion of students in this university. These students proudly represented their country, Rwanda in academic excellence, good behavioral relationships and other extracurricular activities such as games, sports and culture.


During the 70 years celebrations, in which the Rwandan students took part -  and took the opportunity to show case Rwanda’s rich culture and beauty of traditional dances and songs such as Massamba’s ‘Impangaza’ and Samputu’s ‘Nyaruguru’ to a standing ovation from those in attendance – Chinese and other foreign people – who were treated to a great performance.


These celebrations were held following the collaboration between the Rwandan students studying in B.I.T and the Rwandan diaspora community leadership in China as confirmed by Mr. Nshunguyimfura Victor, the Secretary of Rwandan Diaspora Association in China.

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