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New envoy to Singapore presents credentials

 On September 30, 2010 the New Rwandan High Commissioner-designate to Singapore, Jeanine Kambanda presented her credentials to H.E Sellapan Ramanathan the President of Singapore.


  A statement released after Kambanda presented her letter of credence reads in part that; “During the ceremony, President Ramanathan noted with satisfaction the existing bilateral cooperation that has developed between the two countries.”


The High Commissioner conveyed the warm greetings from President Paul Kagame to his counterpart and she further expressed the appreciation of President Kagame for the various advisory services and technical expertise that the Government of Singapore has continued to provide to different public institutions in Rwanda.

 High Commissioner Kambanda also informed President Ramanathan that the Rwandan High Commission in Singapore will continue to seek opportunities in the area of education and skills development for the Public and Private institutions in Rwanda in order to develop new partnerships with Singapore institutions and it will always be helpful for further enrichment of the god and growing cooperation between both countries .

She indicated that Rwanda is experiencing a rapidly integrating and growing economy and the Rwandan High Commission expects to interest the business community in Singapore to explore potential opportunities for trade and investment in Rwanda.

Ending the ceremony, President Ramanathan requested the High Commissioner to organize a trade forum,   for the business community of Rwanda to come and present the potential opportunities to the Singapore business people.

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