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Record marking the first ever ‘Itorero’ of Rwandan youths held in Belgium

On Septembe 1-5, 2010  about 100 Rwandan Diaspora youth members living in  Europe met in Belgium for a five day “Itorero”. This itorero has been for many of them, the first occasion to learn and enjoy the beauty of Rwandan culture through merry making, fun, exciting and educative dialogue.


In his opening remark, Ambassador NTWALI Gerald expressed his special thanks to all participants; their family; WAF and all who participated in the successful preparations of the Itorero.

WAF members


During these 5 days, amasonga (participants) tied their relations node, shared personal and social experiences via games and sports such as football, basketball and golf in which teams were made up regardless family  backgrounds to promote socialization and networking through unity.


 and pledged to keep dispatch and the patriotism lessons they learnt. “Rwandan culture has uncomparable values and we have to protect them” participants said after different sessions encouraged them to keep their culture through its different values such as national unity, social solidarity, patriotism, integrity, bravery, tolerance, the dos and don’t’s of the society,  etc.


Apart from the cultural topics, the participants got time to learn about Government policies and programmes where Mr. Musare Faustin talked about  vision 2020 that was much anticipated among the Itorero. These young boys and girls showed great interest in the vision 2020 development plan and were given an opportunity to participate in the discussion by expressing their ideas and by the end of the session, intore promised to be on the top(ISONGA) for the implementation of all Government policies and programmes as name ISONGA says.  


Late afternoon and evening were characterized by different games and sports such as football, basketball and golf. During such activities, groups were made up of youths from different backgrounds to promote socialization and networking through unity.


The executive secretary of the Rwanda National Youth Council, Nkuranga Alphonse was among those that opened the discussions focussing on ‘The role of the youths in the development of Rwanda’.  He reminded all “Intore”  that their expertise is highly needed back home in Rwanda and urged them to always have the desire to work in or for their country.

On the side of National Itorero Task Force,  Mr. Alphonse Ntidendereza, got back to the Rwandan Youths (‘Itorero ry’Igihugu’) explaining the meaning, historical background and vision of the word “Itorero’ among Rwandese and on the agenda, on the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi, unity and reconciliation efforts has been discussed and followed by renowned Rwandan comedian, Mr. Ntalindwa Diogene presented his ordeal in form of a theatrical drama play.



There were not only meetings but also concerts took place in which the different groups show cased their talents through Rwandan traditional dances and songs and later partying attended by Rwandese families of the Itorero participants and friends was full of great performances by the members of the Itorero and the famous ‘Ihanika Itorero’.

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