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President Kagame addresses thousands of Rwandans at Rwanda Day in Boston

Boston, 22 September 2012- President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame today joined thousands of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda who gathered at the Westin Copley Hotel in Boston to celebrate Rwanda Day 2012 themed ‘Agaciro: The Journey Continues.’ The event which brought together Rwandans from North American Diaspora and Rwanda kicked off on Friday, 21 September with exhibitions by Rwandan institutions, presentations and entertainment.



Rwandan High Commissioner to Kenya Presents credentials to President Kibaki

Rwandan High Commissioner to Kenya her Excellency Yamina Karitanyi on September 19th 2012, presented her credentials to the Kenyan President His Excellency Mwai Kibaki at state house in Nairobi. The new High Commissioner who replaces George Kayonga presented her credentials accompanied by the First Counsellor Mr. Ephreim Murenzi and the First Secretary Mr. Gerald Mbanda.



Rwandan youth living abroad urged to be good ambassadors.

The 5th “ITORERO” for Rwandan youth living abroad at Gako Military Academy in Bugesera District, officially closed this Saturday, 11th August, 2012. Participants at this Itorero named “INDANGAMIRWA” were urged to promote self-dignity and that of their Mother-land in different countries they came from.



Rwanda's response to GoE addendum - 10 Key factual elements that are disproven

1. Claims of training at Kanombe absurd In paragraph 31(a) of the addendum, the GoE cites allegations of a two-week training provided to a RDF unit in Kanombe barracks located near Kigali International Airport, before deploying it to Runyoni as Gen. Ntaganda’s advance party. Regardless of the irrational suggestion that General Ntaganda, one of the most senior FARDC Commander in the region, would require RDF support in order to establish his a


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Main Reasons for increasing remittances in Rwanda (1 points)
Increased economic hardship
Increased brain drain
Confidence government policies
Stable exchange rate and price
All of the above



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